Begins Monday, June 12 at 12pm CST

Summer is producing a heat wave . . . not only in the outside temps but in the Creative Memories product launches!  Wowza!  Check out the mid-month new products, the bringback border punches opportunity, and so much more!

Other exciting news includes the launch of Secret Box #2.  Yes, the second secret box for 2023 will be available starting on Monday at 12pm CST.  You can find more information in my post for the Secret Box here.

Here are the amazing items & information you will find as you read through this post.

  • Fur Baby Collection (includes a 12x12 Album Cover, 2 paper packs, 2 sticker sheets, 2 embellishment packs plus a combination variety mat pack)
  • Fur Baby Buy-It-All Bundle (which includes papers from both themes, the embellishment & sticker packs from both themes, the variety mat packs, and a punch plus you save 10% for a limited time)
  • Paw Prints Punch
  • Light Woodgrain Fast2Fabulous Refill Pages
  • Bringback Border Punches:  River Waves Border Punch and Beaded Ovals Border Punch
  • New Limited Edition 8x8 Album Covers:  Sunset Orange Summertime Album Cover and the Electric Teal Album Cover
  • The Spend/Get Promo is still going on.  It was extended to Tuesday, June 13 at 12pm CST or while supplies last.  If you want to order the new products AND take advantage of this offer, order right away at noon.  CM expects to deplete the exclusive BMC's quickly with the new launch.  If you HAVE to have one or both of them, please place an order this weekend, before the launch. The Promo:  earn the exclusive Dotted Banner Chain BMC or Mosaic Diamond Chain BMC FREE for every $90 you spend.  This is a separate post on my scrapnfun site found here.
  • Sale!  Sale!  Sale!  Who doesn't love a sale?  Be sure to check out the new & updated DEALS category on my Creative Memories website (with discounted pricing!).

Note:  Beginning Monday at 11:30am CST, you will notice a "Queue" system in place on product launch days.  The pre-queue will be turned on at 11:30am CST and the queue will begin at 12pm CST.  The queue is designed to help manage web traffic on the CM site during high volume times (like a product launch); the queue system will be turned off when site traffic slows.  When you enter the site, you will want to sign in to your account.  Then, when you are done, close your browser tab.  View FAQs here.

Starting Monday, you can document furry cuddles and wet kisses with the Fur Baby collection! It was inspired by our companions who leave paw prints on our hearts fur-ever and includes an album cover, cat-themed and dog-themed paper packs, stickers and embellishments, plus a variety mat pack that combines elements of both.

The Fur Baby Album Cover is made of ebony bookcloth material and features a design of paw prints leaving their mark up the left side of the album in light orange metallic and antique gold foils.

Create woof-tastic layouts for your tail-wagging memories with Fur Baby Dog! You'll love it for photos of pups enjoying long walks in the park, doggie playdates, bath time, rolling around in the grass and learning new tricks!

Transform your memories from bark to art with the Fur Baby Dog Paper Pack (12/pk), which features patterns of tennis balls, dog houses, silhouettes of different dog breeds, hearts, stamped paw prints, treats and word art with expressions like "Bark," "Doggo" and "Fetch." Flip through the papers here.

Make your spreads doggone delightful with Fur Baby Dog Stickers (1/pk). They feature icons of bones and tennis balls, a leash, paw prints, hearts, toys and various dog breeds, plus phrases like "#1 stick finder," "Adoption day" and "Best friend," in addition to two grassy border stickers.

Add a playful touch to your layouts with Fur Baby Dog Laser Cut Embellishments (5/pk), which feature designs like a doghouse, the phrase "Love is a four-legged word" and borders of dog toys like tennis balls and bones, paw prints on a wooden floor and various small and large dog breeds.

Make feline-fine layouts of your kitty with Fur Baby Cat! You'll love it for memories of adopting your new companion, watching them enjoy their towers, pouncing on toys, sleeping on your lap, basking in the sun and showing affection with gentle nuzzles and headbutts!

Make cat-ivating layouts with the Fur Baby Cat Paper Pack (12/pk), which features paw prints, balls of yarn, cat ears, hearts, kibble, kitty-cat silhouettes and word art with words like "Feline," "Meow" and "Nap." Flip through the papers here.

Make purr-fect pages with Fur Baby Cat Stickers (1/pk). They feature icons of hearts and paw prints, a feather toy, a mouse, balls of yarn, cat food, various kitties, plus phrases like "So spoiled," "Here, kitty, kitty" and "Rescued," in addition two stacked-hearts border stickers.

Give your layouts some cat-itude with Fur Baby Cat Laser Cut Embellishments (5/pk), which feature designs of a cat tower, the phrase "Fur Baby" and borders with pom-pom balls, paw prints and various striped and spotted cats.

Fetch fantastic memories with the Fur Baby Variety Mat Pack! It features general patterns of gingham, stripes, hearts, grids and wavy lines, as well as designs featuring paw prints, a doghouse and a cat tower, silhouettes of different dog breeds and cats, as well as phrases like "Paws to enjoy the good life," "It's not a home without fur-babies" and "You left paw prints on my heart," plus spaces to journal your memories with your furry companions! Flip through the mats here.

The 2018 fan-favorite Paw Punch is back! It creates a paw print cutout you'll love for layouts of your precious pets, as well as volunteering at an animal shelter, safaris, trips to the zoo, themed birthday parties and so much more!

Fun fact: You can layer the Fur Baby Stickers paw prints with this punch!

Available June 12-23 (starts and ends at noon CT or while supplies last)

Now that you've previewed the collection, you'll want to get your paws on the Fur Baby Buy-It-All Bundle! It includes all the decorative products in the collection, plus the Paw Punch and you'll get 10% OFF!

But you won't want to wait because the Buy-It-All Bundle with discounted pricing will only be available until Friday, June 23, at noon CT or while supplies last. At that time, the buy-it-all option will go away and the decorative bundle for Fur Baby will be available for purchase at full price.

In April, Director of Product Development Shari Rieland shared the new strategy for Fast2Fabs™ for 2023 with Advisors, which included the NEW Light Woodgrain Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages that are designed to accommodate any theme!  They feature various light-toned, neutral woodgrain designs and delicate accents like dots and grids so they'll work with photos of any kind.  And fit inside any of our 12x12 Album Covers.

Also starting Monday, you'll be able to buy two bringback border punches that were both part of the 2022 Tool Time Buffet River Waves Border Punch, which creates a continuous cutout of waves, and Beaded Ovals Border Punch, which creates a pattern of ovals with small diamonds.

We're not done yet.  There's still MORE!  Keep reading . . .

Starting Monday, you'll be able to get your hands on two limited-edition 8x8 albums! The 8x8 Sunset Orange Summertime Album Cover made of sunset orange bookcloth material featuring a sun design in antique gold and copper brown metallic foils and the 8x8 Electric Teal Album Cover, will be available until Aug. 1 at noon CT and are perfect for all summertime memories!

Please visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, June 12 to check out the mid-month releases.  If there is/was a special fur baby in your life, don't miss out on this new collection.  It is so cute!  And what about those new Fast2Fab refill pages?  I can envision so many amazing layouts with the woodgrain as the base.  Wowza!  You are welcome to order directly from my CM site or let me know and I am happy to place an order for you!  Thank you for supporting my business!

Last Update: June 10, 2023