Begins Monday, February 19 at 12pm CST

As introduced previously, join Noreen Smith as she introduces new products and shares tips & ideas for using them! Past Intro videos can be found on the Creative Memories YouTube Channel and the new ones will be listed below.

  • Rainbow Dots Border Maker Organizer and Border Maker Organizer Inserts 
  • Rainbow Pens Bundle (12 new dual tip pens with a bonus pen holder)

Watch the Scrapbook Storage Solutions: Rainbow Dots Organizers & Rainbow Pens Bundle Video

  • White Cards & Envelopes (15 card pack)

Note: Be sure to check out the Sneak Peek: NSD 2024 post to see what's in store for National Scrapbook Day. Let's Get Wild! Registration coming very soon!

Starting Monday, you can store your BMCs in style with the Rainbow Dots Border Maker Organizer & Organizer Inserts (16.5" x 9.5" x 4.5"). Adorned with the signature rainbow dots of this year's limited-edition storage solutions, this organizer comes with two removable foam trays — the top tray accommodates the housing unit, paper guide and up to 17 BMCs (with the flexibility to substitute 5 BMCs for the guide and 3 additional BMCs for the housing unit, allowing for a maximum of 25 BMCs) while the bottom tray holds 15 BMCs. Plus, it comes with two sticker sheet labels — one rainbow, one white — so you can label your BMCs! Keeping your BMCs together, organized and easily accessible will be a breeze.

The Border Maker Organizer Inserts (2/pk) will also be sold individually and are designed to fit perfectly in the Tools Organizer.

Staying on the topics of RAINBOWS & DOTS:

Starting Monday, you'll be able to order the Rainbow Pens Bundle that includes a BONUS Rainbow Dots Fabric Pen Holder! There'll be no need to go chasing rainbows with the six Dual-Tip Pens and six Dot-Tip Pens featuring new ink colors that can't be found anywhere else in your toolkit.

As for the BONUS Rainbow Dots Fabric Pen Holder, not only can it accommodate all 12 limited-edition pens in this bundle, but it also has space for three additional pens (that's 15 total!) and conveniently rolls up and secures shut with snap closure.

The White Cards & Envelopes that you've eagerly been awaiting are coming back on Monday — this time with 15 cards instead of 12 — and you'll notice that they're in plastic packaging instead of the box to give you more cards for a better price ($5).

Please visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, February 19 to check out these super fun items! Which DOTS do you need? The new organizer and/or the new organizer inserts? Perhaps 12 new pens for your collection? Are you ready to make your own cards? Then the new blank white card kit is for you! It's a great time to create!

Please let me know if I can assist you with an order or you are more than welcome to order directly from my CM site. I so appreciate you supporting my business - THANK YOU!

Last Update: February 18, 2024