The latest in organization is here!  The SORT & STASH BINDER with FILL & FILE SLEEVES.  It holds everything but the kitchen sink!

Organize your scrapbooking embellishments and layouts inside the Sort & Stash Binder! This 14"x14.5" scrapbook binder includes three Fill & File Sleeves to safely store your scrapbooking supplies: one (1) 12x12 double-sided sleeve (two pockets total) to hold designer papers, cardstock or in-progress layouts, one (1) 12x12 double-sided sleeve with clear 5.5x5.5 pockets (eight pockets total) to hold embellishments and one (1) 12x12 double-sided sleeve with clear 2.5x12 pockets (eight pockets total) for holding border embellishments. The binder opens on three sides with a zip closure and also features a handle for easy carrying wherever you crop! Plus, you can add additional Fill & File Sleeves (each size sold separately with 5/pk) to store even more crafting supplies.

Please note: Do not overfill your sleeves — sleeves filled higher than two inches will not fit properly into the binder.

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Last Update: January 27, 2021