Begins Monday, June 13 at 12pm CST

Wow!  Wait until you see what is in store for the mid-month launch!  Again . . . WOW!

  • Serene Waters Collection ( Check out this awesome trailer for our new collection!)
  • Friendly Fish Border Punch
  • Rolling Sails Border Maker Cartridge
  • Sunrise, Sunset Recipe Template
  • 12x12 Paper Box
  • Photo Box & Cases
  • Navy Micro Tip Pen & Blue Chalking Pen
  • Paper Buffet Promo (separate post)
  • 50 Free Prints Promo (separate post)

We are kicking it off with the all new Collection:  Serene Waters and the Buy-It-All Bundle with BONUS items!  Woo-hoo!

Get ready, because starting Monday, you can dive into your waterside memories with the Serene Waters collection!

You're going to love all the decorative products in the collection and the complementing tools, and for a limited time, you'll be able to purchase them ALL with one click with the Serene Waters Buy-It-All Bundle, which also includes THREE BONUSES: Photo Trimming Templates, Peekaboo Pockets™ Variety Pack and 5x7 Blue Photo Cases that are ONLY available through this bundle (items not sold separately; this bundle is while supplies last)!

Oh, my, goodness . . . this is an amazing Collection!  You might want it all (so the Buy It All Bundle is the way to go), but if you don't, EVERYTHING (except the bonus items) is available individually.  Let's check it out!

The Serene Waters collection was inspired by smooth-sailing seas, peaceful freshwater springs, lakes with schools of fish and streams of flowing water. It features painterly and water-colored graphics in a tranquil palette that you'll love for memories of boat rides into the sunset, early morning fishing trips, beach or lake vacations and kayaking down a quiet river.

The Serene Waters Album Cover is made of poppy blue bookcloth material and features a painterly scenic horizon with glistening water and a peeping sun design in antique gold, teal-blue, dark teal and classic blue metallic foils.

Share your sea-nic memories with the Serene Waters Designer, Tone-on-Tone and Vellum Paper Packs. Let's take a closer look!

The Serene Waters Paper Pack (12/pk) features fishing nets and fish scales, seaweed, circling schools of fish, glistening ripples, a painterly sunrise, blocks and dashed scallops.  The Serene Waters Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack (12/pk) will immerse your memories with designs of fish and artistic brushstroke patterns like waves, abstract paint daubs and washes.  The Serene Waters Vellum Paper Pack (5/pk) will shower your layouts with semi-opaque patterns of light reflected water, glinting ripples, fishing nets and wavy lines. When layered, the semi-translucent paper creates a unique frosted effect on your layouts.

The Serene Waters Variety Mat Pack adds coastal creativity with tranquil artistic designs featuring rolling waves, a peaceful pond with lily pads, cattails, schools of fish, a cloud-filled sky with soaring birds and a beautiful watercolor sun, in addition to sayings like "Peace is always beautiful" and "The deeper the waters are, the more still they run."

Splash fresh details on your spreads with Serene Waters Stickers! They feature icons like a stand-up paddleboard and kayak, various shells, bubbles, a tackle box and fishing gear and a swirling school of fish, as well as sayings like "Paddle out," "Make a splash" and "Catch of the day."

The Serene Waters Embellishments bring maritime designs like various tropical fish, birds, sea turtles, aquatic plants, waves, free-flowing frames and sayings like "By the lake," "Just add water" and "Beach life" — half with a glossy Spot UV finish.

The Serene Waters Laser Cut Borders feature designs of seaweed, coral, lily pads, sea turtles, waves and a heron perched by cattails and a stream.

The Serene Waters collection is also available as a Fast2Fab™ Bundle, which includes the album, embellishments, a Tape Runner and a Navy Dual-Tip Pen. The album and refill pages are also available sold individually.

Fin-ish your layouts with the Friendly Fish Border Punch! It creates cutouts of four fish of various sizes and species and is perfect for layouts of fishing expeditions, canoeing down a river, visits to the aquarium, sailing on the high seas and summer adventures.

Starting Monday, you can sail-ebrate good times with the Rolling Sails BMC. It creates sailboat borders that will work with summer memories by the sea, sailing adventures and races, beach days and more!

Illuminate your memories with the Sunrise, Sunset Recipe Template. It creates a sunrise or sunset design — whichever is on your creative horizon — with a radiating half-circle, as well as squares and circles divvied into quarters.

Keep your designer paper and cardstock safe and sound inside the 12x12 Paper Box. This 14.25''x14.25''x3'' box is made of clear polypropylene material and features sturdy back hinges and 2 integrated front latches to securely keep the lid closed and your contents safe inside.

It's perfectly sized to fit your 12x12 papers and cardstock, and its rounded edges prevent paper edges from damage. The lid design allows for stacking multiple cases, and there is also a "grip" area in the front of the box to make transporting it a breeze!

Secure your snapshots with compartmental ease with the Photo Box & Cases. The durable 8.5"x8.5"x6.5" Photo Box is made of clear polypropylene material and holds up to six photo-safe 5"x7" Photo Cases (included) made of clear polypropylene material — and each case can hold up to 100 4x6 or 5x7 photos. The cases are great for storing tools and pens, too! Photo Cases (2/pk) are also available for purchase.

Starting Monday, two NEW pens will be available — the Navy Micro-Tip Pen and the Blue Chalking Pen!  The Navy Micro-Tip Pen features an ultra-fine tip for sharp calligraphy and doodling.

The Blue Chalking Pen is double-sided and features a fine and round tip that consists of a unique ink that writes clear and turns to a chalky blue. If you love the popular White Chalking Pen, then the blue pen will be a must-have!

Got your wish list ready?  Visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, June 13 to check it out and/or to place your order!  Or let me know and I'm happy to order for you!

Last Update: June 25, 2022