Begins Monday, January 16 at 12pm CST

January started off with an explosion - new products and Limited Time Promos (some of which are still available).  But there's MORE!  Lots more . . . wait until you see what's in store for Monday's mid-month product launch!

  • The Secret Box is back for 2023! It's time to order Secret Box #1.  Find all the details here.
  • Storage Organizers:  Large Pod, Pod Organizer Insert, Small Flex Pod, and Power Simple Sleeves
  • Serenity Collection (includes 12x12 Foil Cover, 2 Paper Packs, Variety Mat Pack, Stickers, and Laser Borders)
  • Serenity Collection Buy-It-All Bundle (be sure to read below for details on the all new 2023 Buy-It-All Bundle-Save 10% program - yes, save 10% when a collection is first released!)
  • Ancient Key Border Maker Cartridge
  • Square Tile Punch
  • Good Eats & Treats Stickers
  • Advisor Exclusive:  Love Letter Punch (this limited quantity punch is available as an Advisor Exclusive until Jan 30 at 12pm CST - read below how to get yours)
  • Q1 Totally Tonal Collection (while the Buy-Get Limited Time Promo has ended, the components of the Q1 Totally Tonal Collection are still available - paper packs & coordinating stickers)

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Okay, now on with the product launch.  Drumroll please . . .


The Large POD Tote has been highly requested, and this 15"L x 10"W x 13"H storage solution is based on the popular POD design previously offered by CM in the early 2000s.


Keep your decorative products and tools organized with the POD Organizer Insert (1/pk)! This 14-1/8"L x 5"W x 12"H insert was designed to work as a divider in the Large POD Tote, which can accommodate up to two inserts, and/or for easy storage in your craft space!


Keep your must-have tools and adhesives organized with the 8-1/2"L x 7.5"W x 3-1/4"H Small Flex POD!

POWER® SIMPLE SLEEVES (5/pk for $25)

Sort, organize and store papers, cardstock, stickers and more with Power® Simple Sleeves (5/pk)! These 12.5" x 12.5" single-layer plastic folders are made of frosty PP material and the top opens to fit 12x12 papers and other decorative products. They also come with 5 solid white Memory Tabs so you can label the project name and/or what's stored inside the folder. They're perfect for planning out projects for a day crop!

That was just the ORGANIZATION product line . . . there's still more to show you!

The Serenity collection will transport you to tranquility with its Zen vibes inspired by mindful moments of self-care. This collection's elements of petal mosaic, tiles, eucalyptus, comforting textures and uplifting titles make it perfect for everything from photos of spa days and yoga retreats to rejuvenating at a resort or beach, sleepy staycations and relaxing everyday moments at home.

The Serenity Album Cover is made of pebble gray bookcloth material and features a lotus design in white matte, silver matte and dusted blue metallic foils.

Put the focus on YOU and your memories with the Serenity collection's two paper packs and mats. Let's check them out!

The Serenity Paper Pack (12/pk) features patterns like pleasant petals, tub tiles, sweet water lilies, basket weave and blanket and robe textures. Flip through the papers here.

The Serenity Fast2Fab™-inspired Designer Paper Pack (12/pk) has predesigned patterns infused with dotted waves, filled-in and cut-out diamonds, petal and tub tiles, lotus, simple stripes and geometric shapes. Flip through the papers here.

The Serenity Variety Mat Pack brings designs of scattered speckles, soft blanket textures and happy hearts, as well as sayings like "Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly" and "This is what relaxed looks like." See the mats here.

The Serenity Stickers have icons like eucalyptus leaves and lovely lotus flowers, a candle, clock, hearts and spiky chevrons, plus phrases like "Filling up my cup," "Inhale, exhale" and "Good for my soul," as well as complementing borders.

The Serenity Laser Cut Borders are comprised of icons like tub tiles, sharp diamonds, spiky chevrons, soft lotus flowers, puffy petals, cutout squares and a looping mosaic.

Now that you've seen it all, you're definitely going to want it all! For a limited time, you can purchase the Serenity Buy-It-All Bundle, which includes all the decorative products in the collection and the complementing tools, and you'll get 10% OFF!

But you won't want to wait, because the Buy-It-All Bundle with discounted pricing will only be available until Friday, Jan. 27, at noon CT. At that time, the buy-it-all option will go away and the decorative bundle for Serenity will be available for purchase at full price.

Yes, there's still MORE . . .

The Ancient Key BMC creates a continuous architectural keyhole design for an undeniably artistic touch that's perfect for layouts.

The Square Tile Punch makes stunning square tile cutouts that you'll love for accenting moments big and small.

Starting Monday, the Good Eats & Treats Stickers will be available to purchase in any quantity (look for them in the What's New category on the website) and they are only while supplies last. Digital Artwork will also be available.

See how well these stickers coordinate with the Golden Harvest collection below! Other collections they complement palette-wise include Wide Open Places, Welcome Home and Wanderlust.

Advisor-Exclusive until Jan. 30 at noon CT

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's a great time to get your hands on the Love Letters Punch!  It is available as an Advisor Exclusive (available while supplies last).  What does that mean?  It means that it is only available for purchase from your advisor, so if you would like to have one of your own, please let me know and I will order for you.

Note:  If quantities remain at 12 pm CT on Jan. 30, the punch will open for sale to everyone until inventory is depleted.

Start making your wish list now!  Can you believe all of these products?  I am so very excited!  So visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, January 16 to place your order.  Or let me know and I am happy to order for you!  Don't forget to check out the Limited Time Promos for January!  Thank you for supporting my small business!

Last Update: January 13, 2023