Begins Monday, August 14 at 12pm CST

Happy mid-month of August.  Hope you are having a great summer and enjoy the last couple of weeks!  Exciting news on the horizon.  Keep reading to learn more!

Sneak Peek at Croptoberfest 2023:  We are working to get our fall events on the calendar so stay tuned!  You are going to love this year's Croptoberfest theme!  It's going to be a Hoot!   Whooo wants to join us?   See below for a sneak peek.

Secret Box #3:  There have been questions as to when Secret Box #3 will be available for purchase and it is currently slated to go for sale on Monday, Aug. 21.  

Here is a list of the fabulous new products you will find as you read through this post.

  • Back to School Complements Collection (collection consist of 10 embellishments packs featuring extra-large die-cuts and a texture paper pack)
  • Notebook Edge Border Maker Cartridge
  • Back to School Complements Buy-It-All Bundle (be sure to read below for details on the 2023 Buy-It-All Bundle-Save 10% program - yes, save 10% when a collection is first released!)

Note:  Beginning Monday at 11:30am CST, you will notice a "Queue" system in place on product launch days.  The pre-queue will be turned on at 11:30am CST and the queue will begin at 12pm CST.  The queue is designed to help manage web traffic on the CM site during high volume times (like a product launch); the queue system will be turned off when site traffic slows.  When you enter the site, you will want to sign in to your account.  Then, when you are done, close your browser tab.  View FAQs here.

Starting Monday, class will be BACK in session with the Back To School Complements products, which coordinate with last year's Back To School collection!

While Back To School is primarily themed around academics from preschool to 12th grade, Back To School Complements are focused on sports, after-school clubs and extracurricular activities — especially those for Grade 7 through college!

The BTS Complements products consist of 10 embellishments packs featuring extra-large die-cuts that are perfect for easily making focal-point titles, in addition to a texture paper pack.

The Back To School Texture Paper Pack will be a canvas of creativity with its photographic assets of wooden gym flooring and a gym mat, chalkboards, stage curtains, turf and grass fields, a red running surface and tennis court, a swimming pool and rippling water! Flip through the papers here.

The Performing Arts Embellishments will have you creating noteworthy layouts with icons like stage curtains and a spotlight shining down on the title "Performing arts," a keyboard with musical notes, a marching band and various band and orchestra instruments, plus sheet music and a musical staff with the title "Treble maker."

Make A+ layouts with the Knowledge is Power Embellishments! You'll find icons like a tree growing from an opened book, a student behind a podium, a chess board with the word "Checkmate" underneath it, a gavel and phrases like "Problem solver," "Get involved" and "STEM."

Cheer on the team with School Spirit Embellishments, which feature icons like a megaphone with the title "School spirit," a jumping cheerleader, a cheer uniform and pom-poms, a row of precision dancers performing eye-high kicks and phrases like "High kicks & high hopes," "Dance" and "Cheerleader."

Get on par for the course with the On the Green Embellishments, which feature icons like a putting green with the title "On the green," a golf bag, a driver club and ball on a tee, a golf cart loaded with clubs, golfers mid-swing and titles like "Tee time" and "Golf."

The On the Field Embellishments bring icons like a lacrosse player mid-stride, a soccer player winding up for a goal with the title "Take it to the net," players cheering from the sideline, a flying soccer ball with flames, and cleats with a towel and water bottle on a field, plus phrases like "Goal" and "On the Field."

Serve up memories with On the Court Embellishments, which include icons like a tennis net and ball with the word "Love," a tennis racket and bag, a basketball hoop with a ball mid-basket, a fiery volleyball and titles like "On the court" and "Nothin' but net" and "Bump, set, spike."

The On the Mat Embellishments will show off winning moves with silhouettes of wrestlers and gymnasts, wrestling shoes and headgear, a balance beam with the phrase "Vault, bars, floor & balance beam," as well as a gymnastics leotard with the title "I love gymnastics" and a wrestling singlet with the title "Eat, sleep, wrestle!"

Skate through your layouts with On the Ice Embellishments! They boast laced-up ice skates and hockey skates, a hockey net with a puck inside, hockey sticks and a silhouette of a hockey player, as well as a silhouette of a figure skater mid-arabesque and titles like "On the ice," "Skate hard" and "Living on the edge."

The Go the Distance Embellishments have a silhouette of two side-by-side runners, a competitive swimmer racing through wavy waters, swim goggles and a swimming cap with the title "Making waves," a running shoe with wings and titles like "Set the pace," "Track & field" and "On your mark, get set, go!"

Go for the gold with Make Your Mark Embellishments, which feature designs like a #1 foam finger, a scoreboard, a trophy and flags, as well as various phrases like "In the spotlight," "Teamwork," "MVP," "Game on" and "For the win."

Make page-perfect borders with the Notebook Edge Border Maker Cartridge, which creates notebook edge borders for school day memories.

Now that you've seen an outline of the products, you're definitely going to want the Back To School Complements Buy-It-All Bundle for your extracurricular extravaganzas! It includes all 10 embellishment packs, the texture paper pack and the Notebook Edge Border Maker Cartridge, plus you'll get 10% OFF!

But you won't want to wait because the Buy-It-All Bundle with discounted pricing will only be available until Friday, Aug. 25, at noon CT or while supplies last. At that time, the buy-it-all option will go away and the decorative bundle for Back To School Complements will be available for purchase at full price.

CROPTOBERFEST SNEAK PEEK:  Products will be launching for sale on Monday, August 28 at 12pm CST.

Please visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, August 14 to check out the new Back 2 School Complements.  Mark your calendar for Secret Box #3 on  August 21 and then for Croptoberfest products coming at the end of the month!  You are welcome to order directly from my CM site or let me know and I am happy to place an order for you!  Thank you for supporting my business!

Last Update: August 13, 2023