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Happy Almost March!  Spring is just around the corner, hang in there!  To brighten your day, be sure to check out what's coming on Monday, February 27 at 12pm CST.  A fabulous new collection!  National Scrapbook Day 2023 products! AND a FREE SHIPPING promo for purchases of $80 or more!  Let's Celebrate!

  • FREE Shipping Promo! Purchase $80 or more and receive Free Shipping on all of your favorites and/or new items!  Available Feb 27 - March 10.  Find all the details here.
  • Painted Garden Collection (includes 12x12 Foil Cover, 2 Paper Packs - Designer & Tone-on-Tone, Variety Mat Pack, Embellishments, and Stickers).  Fast2Fab bundle available, too.
  • Painted Garden Buy-It-All Bundle (be sure to read below for details on the all new 2023 Buy-It-All Bundle-Save 10% program - yes, save 10% when a collection is first released!)
  • Floral Peaks Border Punch
  • National Scrapbook Day 2023 Collection.  NSD is also just around the corner (our event will be held on April 22).  Check out this post for more information.

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And now . . . the March product launch (yes, happening in February).  Don't forget the Free Shipping Promo!

Feb. 27-March 10 (starts and ends at noon CT)

Starting Monday, you can enjoy FREE Ground Shipping on all orders of $80 or more (includes surcharge areas)! All you have to do is fill your cart and voilà, free shipping and awesome products delivered straight to your doorstep!

(Digital download products do not count toward the threshold to earn free shipping.)

Starting Monday, you can delight in the sweet sightings of spring with the Painted Garden collection! It features painterly style artwork (oil- and acrylic-styled painting done digitally) with added textures like canvas and basketweave.

Key elements you'll find throughout the collection include hummingbirds, budding leaves, flowers, springtime insects, horticulture and fresh berries. It's perfect for photos of flourishing flower gardens, picking berries, picnics on a grassy knoll and other springtime memories.

The Painted Garden Album Cover is made of vivid violet bookcloth material and features a dainty wildflowers design in lilac metallic foil.

The Painted Garden paper packs — including a designer pack and tone-on-tone pack — will make your layouts flourish! Let's take a closer look!

The Painted Garden Paper Pack (12/pk) features painterly patterns of hummingbirds, circular woodgrain, painted stripes, sunshine bursts, grass knolls and ombré, tonal and bold leaves and florals. Flip through the papers here.

The Painted Garden Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack (12/pk) has patterns infused with dreamy watercolor brushstrokes, diamonds, basketweave and blanket fabric.  Flip through the papers here.

The Painted Garden Variety Mat Pack brings icons of hummingbirds, sunshine bursts, grass tufts and bold blackberries and strawberries, and patterns of basketweave and dainty diamonds, in addition to phrases like "Spring fever," "One fine day" and "Rain or shine," plus space to journal. Flip through the mats here.

Add a breath of fresh air to your pages with the Painted Garden Stickers! They have icons like flowers and sweet and plump blackberries, hummingbirds, ladybugs, buzzin' bees, bird nests, an umbrella, plus phrases like "Meant to bee," "A little bird told me" and "Homegrown happiness," in addition to one sheet of complementing border stickers.

The Painted Garden Embellishments will thrive alongside your budding memories with buzzing bees, crawling caterpillars, fluttering hummingbirds and butterflies, a cherry blossom tree, coneflowers, juicy strawberries, an umbrella, suns and various frames and tags with spaces to journal.

GET 10% OFF THE BUY-IT-ALL BUNDLE.  Now that you officially have spring fever, you're definitely going to want the Painted Garden Buy-It-All Bundle, which includes all the decorative products in the collection and the complementing border punch, and you'll get 10% OFF!

But you won't want to wait, because the Buy-It-All Bundle with discounted pricing will only be available until Friday, March 10, at noon CT. At that time, the buy-it-all option will go away and the decorative bundle for Painted Garden will be available for purchase at full price.

The Painted Garden collection is also available as a Fast2Fab™ Bundle, which includes the album, embellishments, a Tape Runner and a Rose Red Dual-Tip Pen. The album and refill pages are also available sold individually. Flip through the pages here.

Prune borders as fresh as springtime with the Floral Peaks Border Punch, which creates continuous floral scrapbook borders consisting of two flowers and abstract leafy peaks.

The National Scrapbook Day 2023 Collection launches on Monday, Feb 27, too.  Check out this post on my site for more details about the NSD products!  You don't want to miss out!  Registration details can be found in your March Product Launch email and/or contact me directly for more information.

Please visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Monday, February 27 to check out these amazing products and/or to take advantage of the Free Shipping with $80+ Promo.  You are welcome to order directly from my CM site or let me know and I am happy to order for you!  Thank you for supporting my business!

Last Update: February 25, 2023