Launching Tuesday, July 5 at 12pm CST

Get ready, party animals, because starting Tuesday, you can go on a jungle adventure with the What A Zoo, Too! collection.  And so much more:

  • What A Zoo, Too! collection (12 x 12 Cover, Designer Paper, Fast2Fab Designer Paper, Variety Mat Pack, Stickers, Layered Embellishments, ABCs and Border Stickers)
  • Zebra Stripe Border Maker Cartridge
  • Bamboo Border Punch
  • Q3 Totally Tonal collection - Textures (What A Zoo, Too!, Summer and Autumn)
  • Feeling Bright Card Kit

You're going to love all the decorative products in the collection and the complementing tools, and for a limited time, you'll be able to purchase them ALL with one click with the What A Zoo, Too! Buy-It-All Bundle, which includes BONUS What A Zoo, Too! Puffy Stickers (4/pk) that are ONLY available through this bundle (item not sold separately; this bundle is while supplies last).

Let's take a closer look at this Buy-It-All-Bundle.

Everything (well, except for the Bonus Puffy Stickers) are available individually, too!  Let's check it out!

The What A Zoo, Too! collection was inspired by wildlife adventures, safaris and visiting the zoo. It features adorable animals, an assortment of animal prints and tropical foliage in a playful palette that you'll love for memories of school trips to the zoo, safari excursions, wilderness walks, jungle-themed birthdays and more!

The What A Zoo, Too! Album Cover is made of green jubilee bookcloth material and features a jungle scene at sunset with soaring birds, playful monkeys and an elephant in green matte and light-yellow gold metallic foils.

Meet all the koala-fications for the perfect backdrop for your memories with the What A Zoo, Too! collection's two paper packs and mat pack. Let's take a closer look!

The What A Zoo, Too! Paper Pack (12/pk) features wild designs with zebra stripes, giraffe spots and cheetah print, snakeskin, animal tracks, jungle leaves and general patterns like striped squares and a diamond grid.

The What A Zoo, Too! Fast2Fab™-Inspired Designer Paper Pack (12/pk) will fill you with jungle fever with modern wildlife patterns, tropical fronds, wavy waters and animal tracks.

The What A Zoo, Too! Variety Mat Pack offers zoo-pendous designs infused with animal prints like giraffe spots and zebra stripes, palm leaves, an outline of an elephant and swinging monkeys, as well as sayings like "Wild & free," "Party animal" and "It's a zoo around here.

The What A Zoo, Too! embellishments and stickers are really rawr-some — take a look below.

The What A Zoo, Too! Layered Embellishments feature designs such as hearts with giraffe spots and zebra stripes, icons like palm leaves, four-toed paw prints, a fence and a zoo entrance and various signs and banners with sayings such as "We're on a zoo venture" and "Animal house."

The What A Zoo, Too! Stickers (3/pk) feature cute cartoon creatures of various sizes and species — a gorilla with bananas, a flamingo, hippo, an elephant, a kangaroo, polar bears and an alpaca — as well as various paw prints, animal tracks, hearts and fronds.

This happy-as-a-hippo collection also has two additional sticker packs — letters and borders.

The What A Zoo, Too! Letter Stickers (3/pk) feature alphabet letters — both uppercase and lowercase — and punctuation in a spotted giraffe pattern.

The What A Zoo, Too! Border Stickers (3/pk) consist of fresh fronds, ivy, bamboo stalks, waves, suns, and tiger and zebra stripes, as well as a gated zoo entrance and sayings such as "Walk on the wild side," "Adventures" and "Having a roaring good time."

Starting Tuesday, you can create wild borders with the Zebra Stripe BMC, which creates continuous borders of zebra stripes.

The Bamboo Border Punch creates bamboo-tiful borders of bamboo stalks that are perfect for safari- or jungle-themed layouts and trips to Zen gardens or conservatories.

Each quarter in 2022, we're releasing a fresh assortment of Totally Tonal paper packs (6/pk) and border stickers (3/pk) that feature trending hues and designs. The Q3 products are the Totally Tonal Textures — the paper packs and stickers for each texture combo consist of different themes and have designs unique to each — Zoo Textures, Summer Textures and Fall Textures. Texture papers and stickers are sold separately.

Note: There will not be a Totally Tonal Buffet for this quarter.

The Zoo Textures Paper Pack (6/pk) features photographic assets of zebra stripes, giraffe and cheetah spots, scaly reptile skin, lush leaves and tall bamboo stalks. The complementing Border Stickers (3/pk) will be a perfect match for the paper pack AND for What A Zoo, Too!

The Summer Textures Paper Pack (6/pk) will make your memories sizzle with photographic assets of summertime elements like a starry night sky and blue skies over the ocean horizon, sand ripples, fresh grass, layered dandelions and fence planks. The matching Stickers (3/pk) will complement the paper pack, as well as collections like Sunrays for Days.

The Autumn Textures Paper Pack (6/pk) features photographic assets like a foggy window with raindrops, a knitted sweater, green linen, acorns, leaves and tree rings. The coordinating Border Stickers (3/pk) are the perfect complement to the paper pack, and will also work with an assortment of CM collections with its neutral palette.

You're going to love the Feeling Bright Card Kit! It includes everything you need to create 12 cards for special celebrations, birthdays, thank-you's and more, and three of the cards even have a glitter treatment!

Got your wish list ready?  Visit my CM site any time after 12pm CST on Tuesday, July 5 to check it out and/or to place your order!  Or let me know and I'm happy to order for you!

Last Update: July 04, 2022