As we begin the new year, it's time to look back at what we accomplished in 2021 (and perhaps identify areas in which to improve).  Then, as we look forward to the upcoming year, there might be new goals to set or to old goals to continue or make new resolutions to follow.

If any of your goals include scrapbooking, I can help!  Here are a couple of different tracking sheets that advisors have been sharing with other advisors.  If you like to keep track of your layouts & pages completed or photo-related tasks that get done, then pick one (or both) of these options!  I've shared the bottom one with you before but it works pretty good (if you remember to mark off the days).  Ha-ha!

You should be able to right click over the image and save to your desktop, then print out.  If you'd like me to send you the file via email, please reach out to me & I can do that!

It's fun to see your progress documented as the year continues!  Good luck!

Last Update: January 03, 2022